What about what YOU want?


For days now, my Facebook timeline has been an undying list of articles promissing to clarify “What a girls can to to get her man”  ou “What men really want out of a relationship”. I confess that, sometimes lying in bed, I read those lists to my boyfriend and they become a real joke between us. Everyone wants to relate to someone they can trust, that is not gender exclusive, but most of those lists are nothing but silly little actions that, in my vain opinion might just throw any partner awat.

  1. PLEASE DO NOT HAND HIM A BEER AFTER HE SHOWERS! He is wet, the weather is cold, hand him a warm tomal, help him dry his back. Show intimicy, not as act of teenage rebbelion, please.
  2. Find games you can play together istead of btching anout his video gaming addition and, thay way, you can take turns sharing the experience without that passive agressivel feeling of being left out.
  3. Plan dates, but all kind of them: romantic dinners, entertainment cinemas, exciting football games. Any chance to share a passion is amazing!
  4. Do not chose to date them because it is easy. The harder is seems at firt, the more effort it takes in the illusion of fairy tale beginning, the stronger it will become in time to come.
  5. Make sure you want the same things, don´t enter the relationship thining of all you can change about them in the process or the person you are trying to attract is simply not the person you want to spend the rest of your days with.

REMEMBER: Love is meant to be simple. Is the living together that shoud present challenges, but if your challenge is that person to begin with… you might just be barking up the worng tree…. 


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