DIA ZERO (download gratuito)

DIA ZERO (download gratuito)

A todos vocês que esperaram por este momento (minha mãe, meu pai e mais meia dúzia de gatos pingados), eis aqui o caminho para o download gratuito de DIA ZERO, meu primeiro livro (de muitos, se tudo der certo). Basta clicar nessa capa LINDA desenhada pelo meu querido amigo Paulo Engler! Tudo que eu peço … Continue lendo

I fucked up

This title is quite self explanatory, so I give up giving a full on introduction to the subject in matter. I fucked up. It’s nothing new, I fuck up frequently, especially on day in which I (normally drunkenly) decide to add ambien to my mix of numbing drugs. I’ll give you this: that is a … Continue lendo

Hey Dad

Hey dad, how’s it going? I know it’s been five years but I was still waiting on your ghost to come pull on my feet as you promised. Still waiting. Did you get all you were expecting? I know you said you’d be angry if you didn’t meet your grandma again, so… did you? I … Continue lendo

not so evil stepmom

Growing up, I strongly remember how vividly I wished to be a mother. Teen pregnancy didn’t scare me, I have always felt like that was something I was destined to. I envisioned twins, a boy and a girl, just as both my parents were, naming them after nicknames as my parents have. I shut my … Continue lendo

Capitol B Bitch

It’s not easy being a Bitch. Mostly, because this title is given, not earned. Women everywhere might called themselves a bitch, but in reality our role is designated by others, usually men. I like to think of myself as a Latrice Royale inspired kind of bitch (this is sheer pop culture, look it up if … Continue lendo

He said / she said

The influence of my last relationship is still clear on my English writing. I apologise, but I am just being true to myself in using the language that speaks to me the most. Sorry. Anyway… I am stuck between a rock and a hard place and this is all I can think of to rid … Continue lendo

Erase to Rewind

Im erasing the past. Doesn’t mean I’m not keeping the take away I got from all the traumas that happened there. In fact, I’m only erasing my 20s, which were mostly a blur of self loathing and alcohol induced numbness anyway, so it’s not quite erasing, it’s more like using photoshop to remove the flaws. … Continue lendo

Father’s Day

It’s Father’s Day again. Thankfully, it’s not my birthday as well (it happens whenever August 9th falls on a Sunday, like last year). It’s is the fourth time I celebrate this day fatherless and the fifth since the day he whispered his last word to me – which was “watermelon” if anyone wonders if I … Continue lendo


Este post será em português por falta de opção. Eu estava sentindo a separação de uma amizade de quase 15 anos (essa doida PRIMEIRA pessoa pra quem eu liguei quando meu pai morreu, tá?) e, em função de uma nova terapia, mandei um áudio MUITO choroso perguntando “oq aconteceu com a gente?” E essa foi … Continue lendo

Prozac Generation

I was born in between generations, an in betweener without a definition, born somewhere between LSD and MOLLY and stuck in an eternal fallout of them both. A generation marked by depression, borderlineness and the popularisation on Prozac. Aren’t we all on 20 mg of something? (Thank you, Rachel Bloom, for the numbers) Aren’t we … Continue lendo